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  • FIA
    08-10/05/2013, Dublin, Ireland

  • eChallenge 2013
    23rd edition
    Conference & Exhibition
    09-11/10/2013, Dublin, Ireland
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Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures


Towards the Internet of Services


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ssai logo The Internet of Services is a vision of the Internet of the Future where everything that is needed to use software applications is available as a service on the Internet, such as the software itself, the tools to develop the software, the platform (servers, storage and communication) to run the software. Cloud computing ( visit our website! ) is a relatively new model of Internet-based computing, whereby servers, storage, networking, software, and information are provided on demand.
Anybody who wants to develop applications can use the resources in the Internet of Services to develop them. Advantages of the “Internet of Services” include the little investments needed upfront to develop an application and the possibility to build upon other people’s efforts. The risk involved in pursuing new business ideas is diminished, and might lead to more innovative ideas being tried out in practice.

Cloud Expert Group


  • Horizon 2020: EU-Japan cooperation workshop on networked systems 00-new-button.gif
    18 April 2013, Brussels, Belgium

    In order to prepare the international cooperation activities of the next European R&I programme called Horizon 2020 , we are currently reflecting on the possible ways to continue this promising cooperation with our Japanese partners.

    Tentative programme [ 70 KB ] Participation is free, but prior registration is required.

    Interested? Please contact us by email ( click here )
  • "Internet of Services Collaboration"
    16-17 October 2012, Brussels, Belgium
    This event was co-organised by the HOLA! project and the European Commission. It was foreseen for coordinators of FP7 ICT projects funded under Objectives 1.2 and for projects outside these areas that are contributing to the Future Internet Assembly and that want to collaborate with the Objective 1.2 More information: please click here
  • "Removing barriers to Cloud Computing in Europe"
    10 May 2012, Brussels, Belgium. (for workshop documentation, please click here )
  • "Research in Future Cloud Computing"
    2nd May 2012, Brussels, Belgium. (see related information under 'Events', left box)


Objective 1.2 "Internet of Services, Software and Virtualisation" and "Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering" of the FP7-ICT Programme for Research and Development is funding research to realise the "Internet of Services" vision.
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European Industry should benefit from the opportunities that the "Internet of Services" brings. This might require policy actions at the European or Member State level. Some lines of work have started:

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