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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EFICONSUMPTION (Innovative System for Electrical Energy Efficiency in industrial plants)

Reporting period: 2016-02-01 to 2017-01-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

CYSNERGY is a Spanish company specialized in the development of energy efficiency solutions for industrial and domestic customers.
The main objective of EFICONSUMPTION is focused on the development, industrialisation and further international commercialization of a disruptive system able to reduce the electricity consumption in industries by up to 40%, expressed in terms of unitary energy cost, expressed in [kWh/unit]. This reduction will also contribute to proportionate reductions in the associated carbon footprint and emissions.
These savings can be achieved, by means of a new system for optimal power electric measurement, real-time monitoring, smart energy modelling, remote control and scalable horizontal management of industrial production plants and service processes. The new solution is a combination of a disruptive device able to measure the main electrical parameters at any cable position without stopping production and an expert software system, which receives real time data and is able to establish efficient consumption patterns to effectively reduce the electricity usage, in accordance with the international standard ISO 50001 (Energy Management).
The EFICONSUMPTION system consist of an M2M network of patented smart devices which measure and operate the main electricity parameters at any exploitation step of an industrial plant or building, by sending data and receiving optimised consumption models from an ICT Big Data platform, able to establish efficient usage patterns in real-time. The system has huge business potential, thanks to unique features such as being an electrical modeller, and a safety and quality controller that can be adapted to all industrial sectors and a wide variety of facilities. The innovative character of the proposed solution is based on the capacity, size and price of the new technology of the measuring devices, the simple network integration of the devices and the ability to scale-up the system to cover a very complex network, and its simplicity for non-professional users.
The new Energy Management Standard ISO 50001 will increase the need for systems such as EFICONSUMPTION, which represents the latest best practice in energy management (B.A.T.). It aims to help companies to adopt a policy, identify significant areas of energy consumption and target reductions by establishing an Energy Management System (ad-hoc measuring, power arithmetic, energy modelling and programming logic control PLC).

The technological objectives for SME instrument phase 2 are the following:
-To develop the prototyping and miniaturization of the definitive commercial version of the system at EU level.
-Testing, optimisation and verification of the system.
-Fulfilment of the regulatory and legislation aspects for market introduction of the solution.
-Demonstration and market replication in several industrial sectors (automobile, textile, water treatment…).
-Scaling-up and industrialisation of the production process, including design and prototyping of production tools.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

Work Package 1: FINAL PRODUCT PROTOTYPING (100% finished)
The final prototype system has been developed and manufactured
CYSNERGY own resources have been focused on the design & validation of the physical components, as well as in the development and scaling-up of the cloud computing platform in our facilities, as testing as first installation.

Work package 2: TESTING AND PRODUCT CERTIFICATION (80% finished)
CYSNERGY has studied the corresponding directives for CE marking to verify that demonstrators accomplish with the requirements.
Technical file includes the technical information for the installation and use of the components
Furthermore, the testing and validation of the individual prototypes developed in the previous work package has been performed.

CYSNERGY has started demonstrations to end-users; the main objective is obtaining key performance indicators in real environment about long-term service.
In addition, CYSNERGY has elaborated training materials to organize workshops and training activities. CYSNERGY has imparted technical Workshops for the presentation of the EFICONSUMPTION solution to several potential clients of CYSNERGY, addressing how the CYSNERGY’s system provides a solid solution for the implementation of the Energy Efficiency International Standard ISO 50.001.

CYSNERGY has elaborated a public version to detail the commercial actions that are taking place in order to attract potential customers and investors.
The project is demonstrating its commercial success: CYSNERGY has promoted the first prototypes worldwide and is preparing different commercial offers to compromise the future first sales.

Work package 6: MANAGEMENT (50% FINISHED)
CYSNERGY has elaborated a Quality Management handbook, which will include procedures to guarantee the quality of the results of the project. In addition, CYSNERGY developed the DATA MANAGEMENT PLAN.
During the first year, administrative personnel from CYSNERGY were focused on ensuring financial management (keeping record of costs, elaborating timesheets, monitoring the deviations and preparing the cost statement).

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

"The main innovation is related to the disruptive design and functions of a Voltimetric Clamp. It is a patented “plug and play” voltimetric measurement device (called CYSMETER), that is directly connected to the electrical wires through a metallic spike, able to punch any kind of industrial cable, obtaining the “voltage wave form” along the cables without cutting or extending them. The device is autonomous and it measures the voltage and current at the same point of an electrical cable.
The Electrical Network Analyzer is a Monitoring + Modelling + Programmable Automation device that allows creating a measurement node network with M2M-3 G /4G technology and RF 868 MHz.
The ICT Big Data platform is our web-based software responsible of automatic reporting and managing.
EFICONSUMPTION reduces the installation time to approximately 20 minutes without manipulating the electrical control panel; contributing to a reduction of approx. 75% in installation time.

The real-time data collected show that 20% to 40% of the bill could be saved using EFICONSUMPTION:
-Approximately 10% to 15% of the electrical consumption is caused by forgetfulness, faults, and/or failures of equipment: Unnecessary consumption of human origin, or from a technical nature, which go unnoticed by the user; and those due to a lack of automation and predictive maintenance, like for example: lack of time settings, badly programmed thermostats and defrosting, loss of refrigerating liquid, draught excluders that are not sealed, worn bearings, leaks, badly positioned sensors, etc.
-From 10% to 15% of the electrical bill due to excess power contracted or due to penalties caused by peaks: Possible simultaneity of consumption, caused by automatic or manual device management (timers, thermostats, dimmers, etc.). This overrun can be easily corrected with automatic load management.
-From 5% to 10% is unacceptable latent or "stand-by" consumption by electrical devices kept under load for 24 hours a day: amplifiers, chargers, transformers, latent lighting: 1 kW x 24h x 365 days is equiv. to 1.000 €/year."

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