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Innovative System for Electrical Energy Efficiency in industrial plants

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - EFICONSUMPTION (Innovative System for Electrical Energy Efficiency in industrial plants)

Reporting period: 2017-02-01 to 2018-01-31

EFICONSUMPTION is focused on the development, industrialisation and further international commercialization of a disruptive system able to reduce the specific electricity consumption in industries and buildings, by up to 40%, expressed in terms of unitary energy cost [kWh/unit]. This reduction will also contribute to proportionate reductions in the associated carbon footprint and emissions in [Ton/unit].
These savings can be achieved, by means of a new system for optimal on-line power electric measurement, real-time monitoring, smart energy modelling for data analytics, remote control and scalable horizontal management of industrial production plants and services processes. The new solution is a combination of a disruptive device able to measure the main electrical parameters at any cable position without stopping production and an expert software system, which receives real time data and can establish efficient consumption patterns to effectively reduce the electricity cost.
The EFICONSUMPTION system consists of an M2M-3/4G network of patented smart devices which measure and operate the main electricity parameters at any exploitation step of an industrial plant or building, by sending data and receiving optimised consumption models from an ICT Big Data cloud platform, able to establish efficient usage patterns in real-time. The system has huge business potential, thanks to unique features such as being an electrical modeller, and a safety & quality controller that can be adapted to all industrial sectors and a wide variety of facilities. The innovative character of the proposed solution is based on the measuring capacities, size and price of the new technology of the measuring devices, the simple network integration of the devices and the ability to scale-up the system to cover a very complex network, and its simplicity for non-professional users.
EFICONSUMPTION core system basically consists of the following components: (a) open core voltimetric clamps; (b) electrical network analyser (c) gateway and (d) ICT software cloud platform.

The final prototype system has been developed and manufactured with the support of two different SMD - subcontractors: Dismuntel and UVAX Concepts.
CYSNERGY own resources have been focused on the design & validation of the physical components, as well as in the development & scaling-up of the cloud computing platform in our facilities, as testing of the first installations.
The construction of the pre-commercial versions of each physical component and the short batch manufacturing for demonstration purposes (POC) have been subcontracted.

CYSNERGY has studied the corresponding directives for the CE Mark, that are applicable to verify that demonstrators accomplish with the legal & technical requirements. Furthermore, it has been elaborated the risk assessment report and instruction manuals for the final version.
Technical file includes the technical information for the installation and use of the components
Harmonized standards for tests, required in the European Union and the United States has been analysed concurrently.

In 2016, CYSNERGY started demonstrations to end-users to obtain key performance indicators in real environment

In 2017, after finishing the technical modifications (mechanical & electronic & TIC) in the industrial prototypes, we have continued with the operational tests in potential clients at national and international level

This list comprises all kind of clients, focusing on large companies. We have covered a great variety of sectors, including the automotive, paper and cardboard, textile, sanitary, marine ports, etc.
In all the cases EFICONSUMPTION has shown different customer´s electrical inefficiencies, on plants and buildings, being possible to achieve important savings after the adequate correcting actions.

CYSNERGY has selected all the appropriate industrial equipment for the future automated production; as well as the design of the architectural industrial project for the future production plant.
The engineering department has analysed the final product data and future versions to decide the most adequate production processes, as well as to calculate the necessary capacity using the updated sales forecast. CYSNERGY engineers have visited different technology providers to contrast the most appropriate equipment to achieve the necessary production capacity.
CYSNERGY engineers have designed the plant construction and they have integrated all the selected equipment into different flexible manufacturing cells. Complementary to this action, our engineers have designed all the technical installations and supplies required.

Throughout the entire project, the EFICONSUMPTION commercial plan, implemented during 2nd Phase of SME Instrument has been updated; but this task has been be especially relevant in the second half of the project. EFICONSUMPTION is ready for market introduction, because more real data about commercial potential of the product were available at the end of 2017 and the pricing and marketing policies could be updated.

The project is demonstrating its commercial success: CYSNERGY has promoted the first prototypes worldwide and is preparing different commercial offers to compromise the future first sales.
CYSNERGY is committed for maximizing the potential impact of the outputs of this EFICONSUMPTION European project in terms of its dissemination. To promote the project within the relevant European stakeholders and to gain an accurate and profitable international exploitation of the project results, it has been carried out a comprehensive dissemination program.

In 2017, CYSNERGY management effort was focused on administrative management, technical coordination with our stakeholders and IPR management.
Innovation is related to the disruptive design and functions of our Voltimetric Clamp and the huge capabilities of our Cloud Computing for the drawing of the Energy Base Lines and the Electrical Energy Efficiency evaluation. It is a Hw&Sw integrated system, composed by a patented “plug and play” M2M measuring device ( CYSMETER), that is directly connected to the electrical wires through a metallic spike, able to punch any kind of electrical cable, obtaining the “voltage wave form” along the cables without cutting or extending them. The device is autonomous, and it measures the voltage and current at the same point of an electrical conductor; therefore it optimizes the accuracy of the electrical measures (specially the Cos Phi); without interrupting the production or services
EFICONSUMPTION provides instantaneous real parameters, historical data and has the capacity to simulate future scenarios of the EEE evolution for different end users and for the pay-back calculation. EFICONSUMPTION offers real-time calculation of electrical savings in [Euros/Unit].
EFICONSUMPTION protects the electrical loads and it manages equipment that endangers an installation. Also, it is an expert system that advises the user on appropriate strategies to reduce costs, indicating if any action was successful or not in [kWh/Unit] and in [€/Unit].
The real industrial data collected show that 20% to 40% of the bill could be saved using EFICONSUMPTION