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PROSPERO PC7 project

PROSPERO PC7 is a project financed by the Ministry of Education and Research/The National Authority for Scientific Research from Romania through its Program CEEX-"Excellence in Research". The project started in January and the duration is 12 months.

PROSPERO PC7 comes to support the research organizations from Romania whose scope of activity includes the themes under the future European Union 7th Framework Programme (FP7) and to facilitate the creation of European consortia. PROSPERO PC7 aims to enhance the international visibility of the research community from Romania, to promote the competence of research organizations in Romania at international level, the organization of supportive activities for the integration in European projects, the organization of scientific and technical events in Romania with national and international participation. The project is based on a professional web page developed in Romanian and also in English language, offering the possibility for all interested organizations to register in the project database, to search and find partners and to upload their proposal ideas. An important objective of the project is to organize scientific events in each development region from Romania (promotional and training sessions) and a brokerage event at the end of the project, in order to create consortia between prestigious partners from the research community in Romania and partners from Europe.