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CORDIS brings you the results of EU research and innovation

Welcome to CORDIS, where you can access comprehensive information about EU Research & Development projects.

Did you know that CORDIS is the oldest European Union website? Established on the World Wide Web in 1994, we are now celebrating 30 years of free access to EU-funded research and innovation.

Whether you're a researcher, innovator, or just curious, here you'll find information on projects, topics, and publications funded by the EU's research programs - in multiple languages.

CORDIS belongs to the Research and Innovation community platform of the European Commission and complements the Funding and tender opportunities website, where you can apply for funding and search for partners.

Thematic Packs

Keep up with the latest breakthroughs enabled by EU funding with our multilingual collections of the articles focusing on a specific theme

Air Traffic Management and the Green Deal
Transport and Mobility icon
Climate Change and Environment icon
Industrial Technologies icon

5 July 2024

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Connect with EU science thanks to our short explanatory videos focusing on the scientific content and exploitation aspects of EU research projects

Why would you give a pear an electric shock?
Food and Natural Resources icon

28 June 2024

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Dive into some of the key scientific solutions being developed by EU-funded researchers to address the major societal challenges that we all face today

21st century solutions for the construction sector
Industrial Technologies icon

19 June 2024

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Results in Brief

Read general public summaries of the main outcomes at the end of each project, explaining the achievements and highlighting the next steps

Results in Brief
The impact of disconnection on digital wellbeing
Digital Economy icon

5 July 2024

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Discover ongoing projects with our news articles based on media reports or project announcements

Trending Science
Can we trust our memories?
Society icon

11 July 2024

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Learn key facts & figures on Horizon proposals, projects and participants with an interactive tool with filter options by theme, geography, organisation profile, and more

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