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GameTools - Advanced Tools for Developing Highly Realistic Computer Games

Although the game development industry in Europe is facing rising revenues, most European game developers are facing severe problems.

Computer game companies in Europe are usually SMEs which are continually under threat because of the dominant position of North American and multinational companies. Also due to the high-risk nature of game development, shortage of funding for research and stringent deadlines in the sector, knowledge transfer from academia to industry is extremely slow. The GameTools EU consortium, a European Union (EU) project from the 6th Framework Programme is building a bridge to close a lack of knowledge transfer from academia towards the actual game industry. The gap between the presentation of new ideas to the academic community and their actual applicability in games remains significant, and is often too large for small and medium-sized SMEs to bridge. Creating a channel with a steady flow of information from academia to industry represents a new challenge, both for research groups and game companies. GameTools brings together leading European computer graphic experts from universities in Austria, France, Hungary and Spain with European industrial partners from the fields of computer game development and virtual reality to create next generation real time 3D libraries. GameTools will develop the new tools around the software that sits at the core of a computer game, the 3D engine (a public domain engine, OGRE is used for this). The project will work in three different areas involved in the development of a computer game: visibility, geometry and illumination. Once the development of the different modules is finished, they will be integrated into commercial games, VR and simulation software owned by the consortium companies. A special interest group has been created so that European Companies can have preferent access to GameTools technology. For more information, please visit Project team: Universities University of Girona; Institute of Informatics and Applications University Jaume 1r; Department of Languages and Informatics Systems Polytechnic Universitat of Valencia; Department of Informatics Systems and Computation Budapest University of Technology and Economics; Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology Vienna University of Technology; Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms University of Limoges; MSI Laboratory, Group "Intelligent Computer Graphics" Industrial Partners AIJU, Asociación de Investigación de las Industrias del Juguete, Conexas y Afines Infowerk, Infowerk Software-Entwicklungs GMBH Gedas, Gedas Iberia, SA DEL, Digital Legends Entertainment, SL Kernco / Saber Interactive, Kernco PGM Trading AG


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