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PathoGenoMics tackles innovation challenges

ERA-NET PathoGenoMics, an EU-funded Coordination-Action on genome research of disease-causing bacteria and fungi, organized the second innovation meeting at the Institute Pasteur in Paris on 16 October 2006.

Representatives from eight ERA-NET PathoGenoMics partner countries (Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Slovenia, and Spain) and two delegates from industrial groups participated in this meeting. ERA-NET PathoGenoMics, dedicated an "innovation" work package within its programme, to support the development of medical products to battle infectious diseases. Within the scope of this work package, the PathoGenoMics innovation meeting in Paris brought together scientists, technology transfer experts, representatives of SME and pharmaceutical industry, clinicians and EU officials to discuss these processes and to identify the major barriers encountered when attempting to close the gap between basic science and its industrial application. During the sessions speakers presented an overview of the innovation process in the study of infectious diseases, starting from the requirements of the clinicians and leading to the solutions attained by fundamental research. Representatives of SME’s and industry highlighted the difficulties encountered by technology transfer agencies. Dr. Bernd Rainer, of Health Research at the EC, discussed the funding opportunities for research on infectious diseases and the innovative applications of results of further studies in this field. A follow-up meeting will be organized with representatives from the pharmaceutical industrial and the academia in order to put together a plan for improving the interactions between the parties involved and to enhance exchange of knowledge. The outcome of these discussions will be incorporated into a strategy document, summarizing the best practices in this field. Contact person: Dr K. Victoir ERA-NET PathoGenoMics - Work Package Leader Office of Technology Transfer Pasteur Institute 28 rue du Docteur Roux 75724 Paris cedex 15 France Tel (+33) 1 44 38 91 15 Email :




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