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Content archived on 2023-03-02

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Electrochimat - a project dedicated to obtaining nanocomposite materials

Electrochimat (Investigations on electrochemical obtained micro and nano structured composite materials for sustainable development applications) is now at the third stage of implementation.

Being a complex project of basic research, ELECTROCHIMAT started on September 2006 and has as main objective the electrochemical design and synthesis of conductive nano structured composite materials with polymeric or metallic matrix. The project is funded by the National Authority for Scientific Research under the Romanian program CEEX –“Excellence in Research”. Scientific staff for research includes research workers from one prestigious Romanian University and five research Institutes. In the project is also involved a consulting company responsible for the project dissemination and coordination. During the second stage of implementation, preliminary research experiments were carried out in order to establish the experimental conditions for obtaining polymeric films. Fundamental research for the electrochemical preparation and for the characterization of the nano-structured composite materials were also carried out. Starting from the results of this stage, 12 articles were published in specialized newspapers and 9 presentations were given at national and international conferences. The Electrochimat consortium also submitted two FP7 proposals, one of them being focused on the research of the biosensors. Within the project it was created a site - - used to inform the Romanian research community about the project’ implementation and its results, the Seventh Framework Program and other financing sources and about specific events organized in the field. If you want to know more about the project, the partners and the results, please access


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