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b-learning4all is designed to support teachers, VET trainers and professionals from different sectors in the use of Blended learning, a combination ("mix") of multiple approaches to learning involving different methodologies, technologies, media and environments.

The results of the project may be integrated into any education and training programme at universities, training institutions and could be used by any individual training professional interested in blended learning concepts and related innovative learning technologies. Project background - Blended Learning is a based on a combination or mix of e-learning and traditional face-to-face educational systems, involving different methodologies, technologies, media and environments. The main advantage of using Blended Learning is the possibility to develop effective and efficient learning processes and the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Products - b-learning4all is developing tools for b-learning educational activities. A web-based b-learning on-line support Portal (b-Portal) will provide information, resources and self-learning tools for teachers, VET trainers, education entrepreneurs and other professionals in the field of VET. The project is developing reports, surveys and training materials and is identifying best practice on the integration of e-learning and mobile learning in traditional learning settings. A “How-to” Blended Learning Guide in e-book format will be freely downloadable via the Internet.


Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy