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Unlock your code, release the future… Releasing OS tools for assessing the ARTIST value

In a hyper connected world, cloud computing offers new opportunities to software companies who want to release their applications as “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS).

This decision will have technical, business and organizational implications. The migration can be challenging and costly without appropriate methods and tools. ARTIST was conceived to support companies in the process of analyzing, evaluating, performing and verifying the modernization of their applications and businesses into cloud-compliant solutions. For companies evaluating how to improve their business by moving from a traditional software production model to new technological paradigms, ARTIST provides: o a guided and tool-supported process for modernizing your non-cloud applications; o a business and technical feasibility analysis tool to support you in your modernization decisions; o the modeling and understanding of your code to optimize it for cloud deployment, keeping the original functionality and improving its non-functional properties such as scalability, security and availability; o a suggestion of the most suited cloud providers for deploying and operating your migrated application o the selection of the best business model for your application in the cloud and which organizational changes are required; o a repository of reusable software artefacts for future migrations and evolutions; o a certification process with accompanying cloud compliant application provider labeling; o a set of guidelines to transform your business and organizational model into suitable models for a “Software-as-a-Service” business The ARTIST project has just completed two thirds of its three year journey. Functional versions of the methodology, guidelines and supporting tools mentioned above are already available. Early feedback provided by external developers and potential users will strengthen the quality of the results and will bring them closer to the market needs. ARTIST is publishing today the first release of the open source package listed at We are looking forward to receiving your constructive feedback and opinions through our forums available for each tool. Project web site:


Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Italy

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