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‘We see a great future potential in the renewable energy sector in Bulgaria’

Interview with Mr. Sonnenschein from POLYTECHNIK

Dear Mr. Sonnenschein, please describe in short your products and what are the advantages of them? POLYTECHNIK company manufactures combustion plants for biofuels with a power range of 300 kW - 30.000 kW. Combustion plants are used not only in heating installations for water and low and high pressure steam as part of centralized heating systems, but also for electricity production (up to 20 МWel). We have been researching biomass combustion for 50 years and we have extensive experience in this area, shown in the management and regulation of combustion processes, the long life of our installations, and last but not least – the notable correlation between price and the offered service. More than 2,500 plants by POLYTECHNIK are installed all over the world. Please introduce to us your latest realized projects and your future goals. Along with several larger plants for electricity production (cogeneration), installed in Asia, as well as in Spain, and for L’OREAL in France, we also built an installation for steam with ORC processes for the producer of Airbus airplanes. At the moment we are planning to assemble boiler installations for local and centralized heating in the Scandinavian countries. What is the role of biomass as a source of regenerative energy? Biomass, including wood chips, tree bark and wood shavings, as well as agricultural waste products like straw, etc., is a constantly renewable resource, which is neutral in relation to carbon dioxide emissions during combustion, unlike the traditional fuels like gas, coal and oil. Our products are constantly improved thanks to the research we conduct with the universities in Vienna and Munich. This way POLYTECHNIK’s installations work with an emission quantity lower than allowed by law. What motivates you to participate again in EE & RE 2015? We see a great future potential in the renewable energy sector in Bulgaria. Another reason is that we have been active on the Bulgarian market for several years, so participating in such an event is of great importance to us.


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