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Content archived on 2023-03-24

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New advanced services design and development for your customers

Tecnalia, in collaboration with other 13 European companies, have developed a novel platform that supports industries in collaborative design, development and management of new smart and advanced services that will support companies to move towards Industry 4.0.

In the last few years, many manufacturing companies have concentrated on getting the best possible product focusing mainly on the product's functionality and the optimisation of the manufacturing process. However, nowadays most of these companies and their customers are aware of the fact that running costs over the lifetime seem to be higher than initial investment costs, that is, electricity costs, consumables costs or maintenance costs have higher economic and ecological impact for them. This new paradigm has caused the EU-funded ProSEco project to focus on the capture and exploitation of customer side relevant information related to the use of the machine and its environment - Ambient Intelligence (AmI) sensors, context data, etc. - in order to provide better services to customers and additionally extract user patterns, which can influence in the maintenance and new designs of the machines. To achieve this goal, ProSEco has provided a new framework that supports industries in collaborative design, development and management of these new advanced personalised services with the aim of meeting customer needs, improving business performance, as well as their competitive advantage. This new framework is being applied by the ProSEco industrial partners, achieving the following results: - The ProSEco business casestudy with VOLKSWAGEN aims to use the signals contained in a car to provide new services around the vehicle in order to improve the driving experience. One developed example is an Eco Driving Monitor to support drivers optimising energy consumption. - The ProSEco business casestudy with ELECTROLUX is extending their home appliance products with new services, with the objective of continuously monitoring consumer and product behaviour to identify possible failure causes, as well as opportunities for improvements. - The ProSEco business casestudy with DESMA addresses the maintenance area for machines and systems for the shoe production industry. The aim of this is to optimise maintenance processes by implementing improved services for production systems. - The ProSEco business casestudy with ALBERDI and ONA is addressing the improvement of the offer generation process, taking into account customer preferences and product life cycle and for ONA, ProSEco is extending the EDM machine with personalised enhanced services such as a Smart Monitoring Service. More information about the project: