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Content archived on 2023-03-24

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Real-time Indoor Air Quality Measurement: Five Demoboards and Development Kits developed by the IAQSense project

Real-time monitoring of indoor air quality has been driving the technology development throughout the EU-funded project IAQSense which came to its end on August 31, 2016. Five demo boards have been developed by the project, which provide access to the features of the different technologies for applications in VOC indoor monitoring, chemical threat detection and health monitoring.

The IAQSense project has developed 5 demo boards: - 2 reference boards using components for sources external to IAQSense IAQcore based board for detection of TVOC and CO2 MSS board using a network of 8 surface stress membranes - 3 boards using IAQSense technologies Spectrometer on chip + processing ASIC Cantilever based network of 8 resonating cantilevers plus processing/actuating ASIC Cantilever based network of 8 resonating cantilevers plus FPGA based lock-in amplifier. The following technologies developed by IAQSense are used on the boards: - Spectrometer on chip developed and produced by Nano Analytik (P and Ntype) - ASIC IM452A for spectrometer on chip developed by Id-Mos (Xfab foundry) - ASIC IM309D for cantilevers network developed by Id-Mos (Xfab foundry) - Optionally a TIP transistor can be packaged for interfacing IM452A on the same board and realizing an enhanced spectrometer or a field sensing probe (Kelvin probe). The attachment of the board to a Raspberry PI provides embedded solutions for - Drivers, initialisation and data acquisition - Neural network or AI event identification - Pattern recognition based on event libraries - Firmware development, compilation, and downloading in case of IM452A ASIC with embedded µC. The following solutions are recommended for knowledge processing and pattern recognition: - MatLab and neural network toolbox - Weka and machine learning algorithms (Random Forest and derivates). Solutions for software/firmware development: - MSP430 development and debug: GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) for Spectrometer ASIC firmware development - Windows 10: Visual Studio 2015 for all RaspBerry PI drivers Details:


indoor air measurement, VOC, VOC indoor monitoring, Chemical threat detection monitoring, Health monitoring, Indoor air monitoring


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