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EU Project SUPERSEDE will seek to improve users' quality of experience when using software applications

The SUPERSEDE project, with € 3.25m of EU funding under the Research and Innovation action from the Horizon 2020, has now reached its halfway point. Partners from academia and IT companies are working together with the overall aim to to release the SUPERSEDE software tool-box in early 2018.

Consortium members of SUPERSEDE – a project led by the Italian research institution Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) – which includes SIEMENS, ATOS, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), SEnerCon, Delta Informatica, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and the University of Zurich (UZH). The SUPERSEDE team believes the project has the potential to revolutionise the software development paradigm by integrating user feedback into the software development process to improve such software to make it simpler and more user-friendly. SUPERSEDE aims to change the way developers and users collaborate on the dynamic evolution of software applications. All steps on software development and evolution consider how the application behaves, and that’s where SUPERSEDE provides added value. The SUPERSEDE project will provide a unique solution to improve the user experience. Users will be able to test, play and enjoy using applications and feel that the services provided by a given application have been developed and adapted fulfilling their needs and expectations. The motivation behind the SUPERSEDE project relies on the fact that currently software providers are facing two major challenges, says Anna Perini, project coordinator: “Firstly, it is difficult for software providers to predict the acceptance of the services and applications they deliver and secondly, the great diversity of execution contexts, with different profiles of user, changing environmental conditions, etc., makes it difficult to personalise the software to every possible situation” The main motivation behind the SUPERSEDE project is therefore to overcome these challenges by developing a software Toolkit which will transform the feedback provided by users on services and applications, and the large amount of data available when they are being executed, into action-relevant information. This information will enable developers to make decisions regarding software evolution and runtime adaptation. Three use cases by companies of different profiles will ensure the elicitation of relevant domain knowledge as well as a progressive validation of the methods and tools produced to ultimately provide evidence of potential for productivity gains. These are the SMART Player (ATOS), the interactive Energy Savings Account (SEnerCon) and the Smart City Information API (SIEMENS). ATOS Smart Player solution Webscasting Media platform is designed for large sport events. The idea with this project is to improve content provider and end-users experience; SUPERSEDE will help to reduce timeframes for development whilst expanding ATOS’ offering. It will allow for dynamically configuring the Smart player, the collection and analysis of user feedback in real-time, the customisation of the software, the improvement of business services composition tools and an improvement to end-user quality of experience. SEnerCon´s interactive Energy Savings Account is an online monitor for domestic energy consumption. SUPERSEDE will help to improve the usability of the platform (lower the drop out rate) and help in the understanding of user needs when it comes to the development of new energy monitoring features. Siemens’ Smart City Platform is an API management system for accessing data from different sources within the city. SUPERSEDE will help in integrating new feedback mechanisms between the stakeholders of the platform, e.g. between data publishers and application developers, thereby improving the content served by the platform and the platform itself. By analysing and consolidating the feedback collected, the platform will align better with the real stakeholder requirements and thus improve the overall quality of experience of all involved actors. Project Facts Please visit us on Follow us on @SUPERSEDE_EU


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Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy