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The second BioMonitor expert workshop

BioMonitor second expert workshop will be held in Cologne as a side event of the 8th Biocomposites Conference.

Climate Change and Environment
Food and Natural Resources

The BioMonitor project is well into its second year and the research team has completed the analysis of existing data collection methodologies for establishing a European bioeconomy monitoring system. Our project has entered a crucial phase and BioMonitor will host a workshop to discuss with experts the results emerging from this preliminary analysis. The conclusions drawn from such an exchange will be of particular value as they will help us refine our approach. Moreover, they will feed into the next steps of our project and will ultimately contribute to creating a robust and effective framework for monitoring the bioeconomy. Representatives of BioMonitor will meet experts at the second BioMonitor expert workshop on 14 November 2019 which will be held from 13:00 to 17:00 at Maternushaus in Cologne (Germany). The workshop will be a side event of the 8th Biocomposites Conference, the world's leading conference about biocomposites, organised by nova-Institute, partner of BioMonitor. "What could be the data basis for a future monitoring system of the European bioeconomy? Should it rely mainly on a smart exploitation of existing statistics or new data sources, implying increased reporting burdens for industry and statistical offices, who are expected to collect such data? In BioMonitor, we have been investigating different data collection methodologies, from innovative ways of inferring information on the bioeconomy from existing data to expanding the statistical classification to include new bio-based products and sectors and stakeholders are now invited to provide us their comments and recommendations" - Stephan Piotrowski (nova-Institute). Read the full article: