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Content archived on 2023-04-13

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Experimental hive at the beginning of wintering

The results of the hive inspection during the first cold snaps, when the day and night temperatures dropped below 0 degrees Celsius, were quite expected. The readings of temperature sensors showed that the cluster of wintering bees become denser, and the temperature gradients increased significantly.

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Most bees are on four or five frames, in the center, on the frame with the maximum temperature, the queen is situated. Inspection showed that we were right. The bees are located exactly as we expected, according to the readings of thermal sensors. In addition, it can be seen that the bees in the experimental hive are large, calm and outwardly in good condition. Preliminary acoustic control showed the same results. The family is calm, all signals indicate normal in-hive activity. The signal amplitude is quite low, as the yellow icon on the screen tells us, but diagnostics can be done. Exactly the presence of a built-in wired microphone allows acoustic monitoring without disturbing the bees, which at that time of the year are very easily excited and calm down for a very long time after that.


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