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Controlling civil engineering machinery using satellite

EUREKA project E! 2294 IMAGIN - the "Integrated MAchine Guidance INstruments" - uses satellite navigation to automatically control civil engineering machines with incredible accuracy and over tens of kilometres.

The IMAGIN device is a special dual-frequency Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receiver that is attached to an engineering machine and uses the GPS system to plot and check its exact position at any moment in time. Once a project is described by a civil engineer and the instructions transferred to the IMAGIN on-board computer, the motor grader, bulldozer or excavator is then automatically controlled by comparing its actual and desired positions, making corrections as required. Each of the project partners have taken the benefits of IMAGIN and adapted them to niche markets, including professional offshore applications such as small and medium-scale marine surveys - they expect their turnovers to triple as a result.,


Germany, France