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Networking eLearning Practitioners

Seven European regions have today successfully concluded an eLearning event bringing together practitioners from across Europe. From 19th to 20th of April more than 60 practitioners of eLearning from South Denmark, Ribe County, East Finland, Emilia-Romagna, Unioncamere Piemonte, Ume? University in Sweden and Scotland have networked and discussed future cooperation.

The main topic of the event has been the forthcoming call for Proposals in eLearning, which the Commission is planning to publish at the end of April. In addition the event covered several other elearning related programmes, as well as networking cafés and a marketplace session. This gave the participants the opportunity to start formulating project ideas and discuss these with their colleagues from around Europe. Among the potential projects brought forward, were titles such as EU wide observatory for eLearning, Quality system for vocational virtual campus, Virtual and simulation based crisis management and training, a European framework for digital literacy, and eLearning support system for teaching mathematics, science, and computing. During the marketplace, many new contacts and networks were created, and the organisers expect a number will result in concrete applications. Bringing practitioners together around a limited topic, and giving them the possibility to bring their ideas to a European platform and further develop it there, has proven the concept successful, stated Paul Harris, Research Education & Training Executive of Scotland Europa, concluding the event on behalf of the organisers. Both participants and organisers have expressed satisfaction with the event, in particular with its very practical focus in terms of application support and advice. For more information, please contact Mikkel Preisler, EU Vest on +32 2 280 3254 or e-mail:


Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom