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PolyApply associated network grows

The PolyApply network has already gathered more than 20 interested organisations from research and industry. The PolyApply consortium welcomes the associated network partners and is looking forward to a fruitful co-operation.

The objective of the European research project PolyApply - The Application of Polymer Electronics to Ambient Intelligence is to lay the foundations of a scalable and ubiquitously applicable communication technology. PolyApply is funded as an integrated project under FP6. The PolyApply project consortium is interested in broadening its relations to researchers in companies and research organisations active in the field of organic electronics. To serve this purpose, the PolyApply Associated Network offers: - a free subscription of the PolyApply newsletter (to be published irregularly, but aimed for two issues a year) with up-to-date research results,- invitations to PolyApply training workshops, seminars and conferences with reduced participation fees ,- public listing as a PolyApply Associated Network Member on this website (with Logo and Link) ,- the opportunity to get own seminars/workshops or other news items publically listed on this website´s news/events section ,- the opportunity to be invited to act as a test centre for certain applications.