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Human genetic testing: what implications?

On 6th and 7th May 2004, the European Commission invited all interested parties to attend a European citizens' and stakeholders' conference, held in Brussels, to discuss the ethical, social and legal aspects of human genetic testing in research and healthcare applications.

The conference was based on a report and 25 recommendations made by a high-level, independent Expert Group, which had been invited by the European commission to discuss a number of issues relating to human medical genetic testing. The Expert Group:,The Group, chaired by Eryl McNally, Member of the European Parliament, and coordinated by Prof. Anne Cambon-Thomsen, has worked for over a year to produce the report and the 25 recommendations for action. The group was made up of representatives from NGOs (patient organisations with an interest in the subject), the pharmaceutical and biotech industry involved in applications of genetic testing, scientists and representatives with different academic backgrounds specialising in genetic testing (law, philosophy, ethics, and medicine). Throughout their work, they examined evidence from European and international experts. International and European Organisations (OECD, UNESCO, WHO, Council of Europe, EMEA) were able to follow the hearings.Please consult the programme, videos and presentations at: