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Content archived on 2023-03-01

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A brand new microcar

The basque technological center TEKNIKER has developed a brand new microcar to test all its capabilities in the micromanufacture.

It is driven by an electric motor, the smallest in the market with an external diameter of 1.9 mm and longitude of 5 mm, a stator coil wound with 30 µm diameter wire and a rotor with permanent magnets. This micromotor is run off a 12 V d.c. supply and has speed variation of between 0 and 100,000 rpm. The transmission of movement, conceived, manufactured and assembled by TEKNIKER Micro Machining (TMM), is done by a three-stage reduction which reduces spin speed and increases the outlet pair. The 1st and 3rd stages are identical and consist of a 42 µm-module drive pinion-crown pair with 12 and 60 teeth respectively. The 2nd transmission stage consists of a planet gear speed reducer made up of an 18-toothed (inlet), an fixed external ring with 64 teeth, and three planet gears (outlet) with 23 teeth, all 12 µm module. The final result is a vehicle weighing 1.25 grams and with 20 x 10 mm dimensions the new microcar.Photograph and video availuable in:,