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IST Integrated Project MobiLife to be launched

IST Integrated Project MobiLife (IST-511607) is to be launched 6-8 September 2004 in Helsinki, Finland. People are used to being able to contact anyone, anywhere, at anytime. However, the challenge of enabling mass-market-scale ubiquitous services and applications remains.

To further address this challenge, the Integrated Project MobiLife, selected under Call 2 of the FP6 EU Information Society Technologies R&D Programme (IST), will be launched on 6-8 September 2004 in Helsinki, Finland. Its key objective is to bring advances in mobile applications and services based on the evolving capabilities of 3G systems and beyond. The user-centric R&D approach in MobiLife will combine applications and services frameworks with innovative applications and services, enabling technologies and service components, user and industry evaluation, and exploring and removing hurdles between service development and deployment. MobiLife, coordinated by Nokia, will be carried out by a consortium of 22 organisations from 9 EU countries. The consortium comprises application owners (mostly SMEs), manufacturers, operators, solution providers and academia. The project will run over a period of 28 months until the end of 2006, with total EU funding support of up to 9.7 million . MobiLife forms part of a set of IST-funded projects proposed by the Wireless World Initiative (WWI). WWI, a major joint effort from industry, academia and government, launched its research activities to lay foundations for the long-term future of global wireless communications in January 2004 with an initial set of three Integrated Projects (Ambient Networks, WINNER and E2R), which had been selected under Call 1 of the IST Programme. The first MobiLife results will be presented at a two-day symposium in Brussels on 9-10 December 2004, organised by WWI in cooperation with the European Commission (more information and instructions for registration can be found at the WWI home page). For further information about MobiLife and WWI, see MobiLife: ,WWI: http://www.wireless-world-initiative.orgContact Persons :,Dr Mika Klemettinen,Project Manager,Phone: +358 7180 36661,Mobile: +358 50 48 36661,E-mail: Jukka T. Salo,Technical Manager,Phone: +358 7180 30619,Mobile: +358 40 54 61392,E-mail: