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Fellowships for multilinguality

MULTILINGUA is a Marie Curie training site located at the University of Bergen, Norway. MULTILINGUA offers interdisciplinary training in multilingual resources, language processing and knowledge tools and gives an opportunity for guest researchers to come to Bergen to carry out parts of their research projects.

The training programme takes advantage of the University of Bergen's status as a center of research and repository of digital resources and tools aimed at text technologies and multilingual applications, including computational and corpus linguistics, machine translation, term banks, electronic editions and e-books, electronic archives and libraries, multilingual word nets, document management and markup, information retrieval and summarisation, editorial support tools, etc. The training site provides training through courses, project work and individual supervision, and is open to * researchers in computational linguistics, especially with reference to multilinguality and Scandinavian languages;,* researchers in computer science who work on language applications and who wish to extend and deepen their linguistic knowledge;,* researchers with linguistics, human sciences or social sciences background who wish to study the role of management of multilinguality and text encoding. Researchers from EU member states and associated states are welcome to apply for vacant positions in 2004-2008. Accepted applicants will receive a monthly subsistence allowance, and will be refunded travel expenses. For more information about eligibility and how to apply, go to the Multilingua web page or send a message to E-mail:


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