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TrainCom project positively finalised

The TrainCom project, after reaching its end date at the end of February 2004, has now been completely finalised.

Results are now being exploited by the participants, in order to incorporate them in existing or new products. Main results, which were demonstrated in a number of public events, held in various locations between September 2003 and February 2004, include: 1. specific conformance testbeds, to test devices to be installed aboard (TCN Conformance Tester) or complete vehicles (Coach Tester) for compliance to standard specifications (TCN standard IEC 61375-1), using procedures developed in the project itself, which contributed to a new part of the standard (IEC 61375-2); 2. a Train-ground Communication Infrastructure (TCI), which enables data communication between equipment aboard trains and systems located on the ground, by means of a radio link (GSM-R, GPRS) nad of Internet technologies; 3. an On-board Dynamic Passenger Information System (DPIS), to offer to passengers more complete and real time updated information related to their journey; 4. a Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (ROMAIN) system, to download diagnostic data from travelling trains and provide real time information to maintenance workshops, so as to allow maintenance planning and reduce train stop time; 5. procedures for Locomotives Interoperability, to achieve the possibility to remotely control a locomotive from another locomotive or steering coach, by means of data communication via the Train Bus; the work contributed to the second version of leaflet UIC 647. Prototype applications have been implemented and validated on real trains. The results have been positively evaluated and the project has been successfully finalised. Further information and all public deliverables, in their latest version, are available in the project Web site ( from the results of a predecessor project (ROSIN), the TRAINCOM project developed a communication system for telematic applications in the railway field, integrating the on-board network (e. g. TCN), GSM radio links and Internet technologies.,It is a project in the Information Society Technologies Programme of the European Commission.