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BraveBrains Innovation Alliance Experts Convene In Workshop For New Insights In Customer-Driven Innovation

On June 23-24, leading figures in innovation from Western Europe and the US traveled to Warsaw to conduct Innovation Days workshops on product, service and organizational innovation.

Each day included a range of interactive sessions on topics like demand-driven innovation, leveraging diversity for innovation, assessing the innovation climate, and launching new products and services in hyper-competitive markets. They addressed such key questions as: - How can the performance appraisal system become more transparent and effective as a driver for developing human capital, knowledge and learning for cultivating innovative growth? ,- How can innovation processes be improved by better decision making? ,- What are the organizational enablers and inhibitors of innovation? "Some of the best revenue-generating innovations come from a translation of an existing technology or business model from one field of application to another. Successful serial innovators are those who can understand expert knowledge and yet are inter-disciplinary enough to apply this consolidated know-how in a different field." ,- Andrea Mills, BraveBrains Innovation Alliance Local managers and directors from companies such as Amcor, Andersen Consulting, Unilever, Citibank, Polkomtel, Phillip Morris, Eris, Telecom Poland and Siemens participated in the workshops, facilitated by Innovatika. The companies presenting, including Decisionality and Innovatika, are members of the BraveBrains Innovation Alliance ( a global network of innovators who support senior executives in large organizations and entrepreneurs in accelerating the adoption of innovative methodologies and technologies, enabling them to transform their business models, invent new market approaches and launch breakthrough products/services. Poland was an ideal choice to host this event, having persistently pursued a policy of economic liberalization throughout the 1990s, it is today considered to be one of the great success stories among the "transition economies". Whilst more progress is no doubt needed to rebuild its economy and infrastructure after the huge constraints put upon it by the turbulent political climate of the 20th century, Poland is a hotbed of new companies and ideas, and may well be one of the breeding grounds for innovation over the coming years. For more information: ,Ms. Nancy Cailleteau,Consensus Orchestrator,BraveBrains Innovation Alliance,,Tel: +39 340.2525.484,