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Biomass Industry Day, Paris

On the occasion of the 14th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Thursday, the Biomass Industry Day will take place on 20 October 2005 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, France.

The Biomass Industry Day is a targeted event to promote biomass industrial applications, aiming at reducing the gap between the demonstration and the market phases, as biomass carries the strongest long-term perspectives for a renewable and sustainable energy supply. The event will exploit the excellent opportunity provided by the 14th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition to get in contact with the main stakeholders in the sector (i.e. industry, research institutes, project developers, decision makers, etc.) and is organised as a specific event, with a targeted participation. It is an ambitious platform for the industry with the scope to accelerate the penetration of biomass technologies in the energy market on a European and global level and to promote industrial cooperation gathering representatives of the RD&D sector, industry actors and associations. It will represent a valuable opportunity to enhance the industry participation and assistance in the European Biomass Action Plan and to promote the main aims of the biomass related directives. The agenda of the Biomass Industry Day will follow four key axes: 1. A better co-ordination and knowledge exchange between Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) activities, perspectives, technical barriers for industrial applications and commercial / technology needs is crucial for accelerating the deployment of the promising bioenergy sector. 2. The presentation of overviews and opinions by policy and industrial decision makers on the commercial/industrial perspectives for all sectorial biomass markets (heat, power, biofuels for transport) with discussions on the most promising technologies and schemes and on the non-technical barriers to be overcome. 3. Identification and discussion on sustainable and viable bioenergy opportunities to promote cooperation and transfer of know-how between biomass industry actors of the 25 EU Countries and to accelerate the capacity of wide deployment of the most promising bioenergy activity and the adoption of best practises. 4. The discussion regarding a greater international co-operation in all fields of the biomass sector. Participation at the Biomass Industry Day is free of charge, please note however that it is necessary to register prior to the event.