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Communicating an interdisciplinary project

During the Communicating European Research Conference 2005, the partners of the NEST-IDEA project organize a forum untitled "How to communicate an interdisciplinary project".

The forum provides an opportunity to explore different aspects on communication within and on interdisciplinary projects inside the scientific world and to the public. The objectives of the workshop are to learn about the experiences of others and share own success stories. Issues to be discussed concern management and communication structures within interdisciplinary projects including barriers and advices specific to them. In addition, good practice for communication to the scientific community and to society in general as well as communication tools will be explored. A good communication between participants is necessary to make a project a successful project. How to implement a good communication between the participants during the course of an interdisciplinary project? How to implement an efficient communication policy on an interdisciplinary project outside of scientific world, towards stakeholders and citizens? To answer these questions, the forum involves the presentations of successful cases of communication among project partners and instruments of disseminating results by experts and coordinators of interdisciplinary projects. After a short recall of the "Basic rules for communication", the "Results of the expert workshop concerning communication structures in interdisciplinary projects" will be presented by the rapporteur. Then, two project examples will be presented by their coordinators: * CREEN, a PATHFINDER Project coordinated by Poland; * CONTROL CANCER STEM, an ADVENTURE Project coordinated by Belgium. A debate with speakers and participants of the forum will follow; it will be animated by the web editor of Interdisciplines, a web site for interdisciplinary research in the humanities which allows the organization of interdisciplinary conferences. Forum session: 15 November 2005 - 12:00-13:15 - Room F