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EU-US Workshop on performance assessment of Public RTD Programmes

The European Commission (EC), DG Research, in collaboration with the Washington Research Evaluation Network (WREN) and the Office of Science of the United States (US) Department of Energy will hold a workshop on Performance Assessment of Public Research, Technology and Development (RTD) Programmes in Brussels on 17-18 June 2004.,

17 June 2004 - 17 June 2004

The two-day workshop will serve as a forum for the EU and US research and development (R&D) community to explore new approaches to improve the assessment of public RTD programmes performance.
The workshop will address the following topics:
- Impact of research on growth and innovation; ,- Exchange of data between nations in order to facilitate comparisons; ,- Value creation through research collaboration platforms and networks; ,- US Presidents management agenda and the Federal Performance Assessment Rating Tool (PART);,- Linking technical, socio-economic, and investment objectives to RTD evaluation;,- Science indicators and R&D methodological models.
Representatives from the EC, the US Department of Energy and WREN, as well as from other international universities and institutes will present their views, research evaluation methodologies and best practices learnt from relevant initiatives and activities undertaken on both sides of the Atlantic.WREN: The Washington Research Evaluation Network (WREN) serves as a forum for the US R&D evaluation community to explore new approaches that will improve the management of publicly funded science and technology organizations. WREN brings together theorists from academia, practitioners from the private sector and the US Federal government and other individuals and groups to develop new evaluation approaches and fundamentally new theories.
WREN is also part of a larger evaluation network that includes nodes in Europe, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Canada and other countries that have a similar interest in R&D evaluation. What brings everyone together is:
? A focus on research and development programs. ,? Inclusion of non-traditional evaluation methods. ,? A national or international perspective on science and technology. ,? Involvement of multiple R&D disciplines that cut across many different technology applications.
The US Department of Energys Office of Science, in partnership with the George Washington University Center for International Science and Technology Policy, and several other organizations, held in December 2003 a WREN workshop to help US Federal R&D agencies improve their ability to assess their programs via the Presidents Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) reporting requirements.
This workshop included presentations by representatives from evaluation units within US Federal research on key research performance assessment issues such as the development and use of intervention logic models, the definition of indicators and data collection mechanisms to support evidence-based evaluations, the integration of assessment results into the decision making process and budget allocation.
The European Commission participated in the WREN workshop, and proposed to host a follow-up workshop on Performance Assessment of Public RTD Programmes in Brussels on June 17-18 2004.