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Workshop: Contracts and Consortium Agreements for FP6

Singleimage Limited will be running the workshop "CONTRACTS AND CONSORTIUM AGREEMENTS FOR FP6" on Wednesday 1 December 2004 in Hamburg, Germany.

1 months.month_12 2004 - 1 months.month_12 2004
United Kingdom

The European Commission's Framework Programme significantly increases the powers of the research consortium. Transfers of budget between partners, changes to the workplan, adding new partners during the project, even running Calls for Proposals can now all be done under the control of the consortium.
These new powers raise major issues of governance and decision taking within consortia. New rules concerning intellectual property and financial liability add further challenges. They must all be addressed through the consortium agreement, which is now compulsory for almost every EC research project.
This workshop will provide a detailed analysis of the Commission's new model contract and its implications for consortium agreements. It will draw on the collected experience of using various model agreements in negotiating the first round of FP6 contracts. The Workshop is intended for research, contracts, European office and other staff responsible for dealing with and advising researchers on management and legal aspects of FP6 projects. The workshop will be given in English.
For more information, please contact Mrs Sue Kerr.,Email: