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Science Alliance is organising the Conference on "Best Practices in Science Based Incubators" in Oxford, UK on 9 & 10 December 2004.

9 December 2004 - 10 December 2004

At the University of Oxford, in the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre Complex, the conference will discuss this year's theme: Facilitating New Businesses through International Cooperation and Private Regional Networks.,Science Based incubators have proven to be successful instruments in transferring scientific knowledge to the market. New national and international incubator programmes stimulate interaction and exchange of knowledge between universities, start-up companies and industries. Many public knowledge institutions are involved and major governmental investments have been made.
The Oxfordshire region is recognised worldwide as one of the most successful regions in creating economic development through privately funded and self sustainable incubators. The present success is taking place in a city which is considered to have one of the most beautiful historic centres worldwide.
The main Issues on the Agenda for this year's annual session are: ,· International Cooperation between Incubators ,· International Partnering with regions ,· Finding more Second Round Investment Capital ,· Creating Regional Private Networks around Incubators ,· Announcing the Best Science Based Incubator Award Winner 2004
All participants who wish to attend the conference must register in advance. The full programme of the seminar as well as information about the registration process, fee, conference venue and other practical info can be found on