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University of Trento and Microsoft Research Conference on CONVERGING SCIENCES

The University of Trento and Microsoft Research are jointly organizing an international conference on the theme of 'converging sciences', to be held in Trento, Italy, on 16 and 17 December 2004.

16 December 2004 - 17 December 2004

Two issues are more and more penetrating the research strategies in recent times: the convergence of disciplines and technologies and the relationship between basic research and the industrial world. This event aims to couple the two items above to delineate a road-map and a strategic vision for the future (interdisciplinary) research in life sciences, information technologies, computational physics, bio-engineering, pharmacology. The overall event wants to highlight strategic directions to pursue and to communicate potential impacts that predictive tools of biological behavior, strictly coupled with high-throughput tools and bio-materials, can have on the public as well as individual health, the society, the environment, the economic and industrial development.
A well-orchestrated research strategy in the fields outlined above could lead on one hand to predictive, preventive and personalized medicine, a challenge for life sciences in the large, and on the other hand to new models of computation and communications that could completely change the way of developing and delivering IT products nowadays.
To meet the goals described so far, the organizers have invited people from academic institutions and industries of the relevant sectors as well as politicians developing the research strategies and relevant people from the main funding agencies. To build a research infrastructure we need to build a table at which all the different components just mentioned seat together and work coherently to reach a common goal.
The organizers hope that this event will help speeding-up the convergence process of sciences and technologies and stimulate and promote interdisciplinary activities which are mandatory to gain relevant results in the research of the next years. It will be interesting as well to see how different components of the research world consider basic research in a moment in which it is re-discovered by most funding institutions.
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