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Training Course on How to Negotiate, Manage and Administer an EU R&D Contract

The Training Centre (FTU) of Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe organises a training course on successful negotiation and management of EU R&D contracts. It will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany, on 2 February 2005.

2 February 2005 - 2 February 2005

The course is based on the presenter's involvement in over 50 EU R&D contracts and his role as coordinator of 15 EU R&D contracts.
The aim is to train staff how to negotiate, manage and administer EU R&D contracts. The course covers Framework 5 Contracts and Framework 6 Contracts.
The following topics will be covered:,- Overview of EU R&D Contracts ,- Negotiating the Contract ,- The Model Contract and the Project Contract ,- Financial Administration of EU R&D Contracts ,- Cost Statements and Financial Audits,- Project Management of an EU R&D Contract ,- Meetings and Reporting in EU R&D Contracts.
The course is designed for Research Managers and Administrators and all other staff who are responsible for the management and administration of EU R&D contracts.
Tutor: Dr. Sean McCarthy, Hyperion Ltd., Cork, Ireland,Date: 2 February 2005,Course fee: 395 EUR incl. handout, morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea,Venue: Renaissance Karlsruhe Hotel, Mendelssohnplatz, D-76133 Karlsruhe, Germany
A limited number of rooms are available in Renaissance Karlsruhe Hotel at a special rate of 73 EUR per night (B&B, standard single room, garage) or 88 EUR (B&B, superior single room, garage)
book a place please contact Ms. Julia Margariev +49 7247 82 3253 or simply email your personal details to or got to keyword "Framework 6".