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Winning the Future

The "Summit for the Future" 2005 will take place on 26-28 January, 2005 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This international conference brings together experts, thought leaders, policy makers and knowledge workers. Participants will gain critical insights and a deeper understanding of the issues that will shape the Knowledge Society.

26 January 2005 - 28 January 2005

Is globalisation the single biggest factor affecting all our visions and strategies for 2020? Is it a threat to the fabric of society - or are those who do not join the people we should be keeping an eye on? Are all innovation and production gradually shifting to the BRICK countries by 2020 (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Korea)? Will Europe simply turn into the world's retirement home? Or will the current knowledge centres in UK and The Netherlands switch to Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Australia? How can we change Brain Drain into Brain Gain - or perhaps Brain Circulation is a better phrase?
Glen Hiemstra, Keynote Speaker, Founder of and professional futurist from Seattle, Washington: "Change the form of information, the speed of information transmission, and the level of access to both creating and consuming information, and you will change society. [...] The most potent technology developments underlying this techno-social-economic revolution go beyond information technologies and encompass nanotechnology and the coming energy transformation. The techno-social-economic revolution, underway for perhaps thirty years and now more than half-way finished, is changing the basic pillars by which we organize life, including the job, the home, retirement, government, and education. Along the way old orders die and new orders emerge, and through this process old Europe may emerge renewed while the new world, America, may struggle to maintain leadership. At the same time, resistance to the future emerges and plays out on the global stage."
Tom Lambert, Keynote Speaker, Chief Executive, Centre for Consulting Excellence - one of the top global business gurus: "Asia is making massive strides and cannot be ignored - let me concentrate on the tiger rather than the cubs. The questions, risks and challenges that we face are very real. Perhaps we should return to the attitudes and courage of our not too distant ancestors that understood that nothing worth doing is without risk and, knowing the risks, opened the known and newly discovered world to trade. The countries of Europe have an entrepreneurial past second to none. With the clearest understanding that we can develop in a volatile situation perhaps we can regain some of the spirit of our forebears. Given that we must start somewhere - let us look at the challenges that may face us in China and determine if we have the sheer guts that it will take to deal with them."
At the end of January 2005, we're putting the pick of the strategic thinkers together for our first "Summit of the Future". It will be a creative clash of inspiration. We will debate the significance of global trends in the open plenary sessions - followed by workshops in five key knowledge streams: 1) Trade / Service Industry, 2) Energy, 3) Healthcare, 4) Media & Entertainment and 5) Science & Technology
If you like thinking "out of the box", this Club of Amsterdam Summit may prove to be the best conference of 2005.
The language is English.
The Club of Amsterdam provides free press accreditation. ,If you want to apply, please get in touch with us: ,email:
Club of Amsterdam,Summit for the Future,When: January 26-28, 2005,Where: HES Amsterdam School for Business, Fraijlemaborg 133, 1102 CV Amsterdam Zuidoost
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The Partners of the Summit for the Future are::,Bayer CropScience, HES Amsterdam School of Business, Medical Faculty University Basel, Switzerland, M.I.T. Media Lab Europe, KnowledgeBoard, Association for International Broadcasting, Fuel Cell Markets, H2World, The World Future Society, Health Management Forum, Shaping Tomorrow, European Health Telematics Association, Medical Knowledge Institute, Entertainment Media Verlag, EUROPRIX.
The Club of Amsterdam is an independent, international think-tank that organises regular high-level discussions on preferred futures. It involves those who are not just talking about the future - but those who are active participants in shaping the outcome. So far we've organised more than 20 specialised events, each tackling a different sector within society.The Club of Amsterdam provides free press accreditation.,If you want to apply, please get in touch with us: ,email: