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E-Maintenance E-Manufacturing Course

A course on the introduction of E-Manufacturing and E-Maintenance Systems with the title "Achieving six-sigma manufacturing excellence through innovative web-enabled infotronics technologies" will take place on 24-28 January 2005 at the University of Manchester, UK.

24 January 2005 - 28 January 2005

The course is suitable for those requiring introduction to the subject area, those seeking an advanced understanding of E-Manufacturing and E-Maintenance Systems and those interested in applications of the fundamental ideas to practical areas.
Nature of the course
- Part of a Masters Course in Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Systems Management (AMT&SM)
- Lectures given by academics and involve case studies from industry
- Continuing Professional Developments assignments may be submitted for assessment
- Attended by full-time AMT&SM MSc students
- Available for Master-level students in other cognate subjects (Maintenance, Asset Management, Manufacturing..etc)
Further information about the contents of the course, the instructors and the fees can be found at
Should you have questions please contact:
Professor S. Hinduja,Head of Manufacturing Group,Tel: 0161 200 3800 Fax: 0161 200 3803,e-mail:
Dr. A. W. Labib (UMIST),e-mail:
Dr. D. J. Petty (UMIST),email: