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International IST and NMP partnering event at CERN

An international IST and NMP partnering event will be organised at CERN on January 11, 2005. The aim of the international partnering meeting is to facilitate the setup of FP6 project consortia and in particular the collaboration between Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and R&D Institutions.

11 January 2005 - 11 January 2005

Its a unique opportunity for project coordinators to present their project ideas and for high-tech SMEs to present their skills, so consortia can be completed. As the event is held at CERN, the leading European Research Center where Internet was born, its also the opportunity to take advantage of CERNs technology transfer possibilities.
The event is focused on the last FP6 calls of the thematic priorities Nanotechnologies, Multifunctional Materials, New Processes and Information Society Technologies, launched end 2004 and during spring 2005. They represent the last opportunities for Small and Medium Sized Enterpises (SMEs), Industry and Research institutions to be funded for collaboration with European partners in European Research Projects. In particular SMEs are popular partners if they can bring an added value with their competence. Some projects are specially tailored for them.
The foreseen covered topics are listed on
Registration deadline for active participants of the partnering sessions (5 min presentation of your project or SME competency profile) : 20.12.2004,Registration deadline for all other participants: 06.01.2005
The event is sponsored by CERN, in order to take advantage of CERN's technology transfer possibilities.This event is coordinated by Euresearch (IST, NMP and SME NCP from Switzerland), and EU-projects IDEALIST, NAOMITECH, DETECT-IT and IRC.