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Workshop: Proposal Writing for Framework Six

Singleimage Limited will be running a workshop on Proposal Writing for Framework Six on Wednesday 26 January 2005 in Cambridge, UK.

26 February 2005

This workshop is aimed at those preparing a research proposal for submission to the European Commission under its Framework Programme.
It explains how to present the proposal to the Commission and its evaluators so that it addresses the evaluation criteria and meets the Commissions objectives.
The workshops will cover both Integrated Projects (IPs) and Specific Targeted Research Projects (STRPs), the Commissions main mechanisms for supporting research projects. It will help both newcomers writing their first proposal, and experienced proposers trying to increase their success rate.
The workshop consists of lectures, practical exercises and feedback sessions. It will be limited to 25 participants, to allow high levels of interaction and plenty of time for questions.
For more information, please contact:
Sue Kerr,Singleimage Limited,3 Foundry Walk St Ives Cambridge PE27 5FW UK,ph +44 1480 497712 fax +44 1480 497714,