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Australasian Plant Breeding Conference (APBC)

For the first time in its history, the Australasian Plant Breeding Conference (APBC) is being held outside Australia. The theme for the 13th APBC, to be held on 18-21 April 2006 in Christchurch, New Zealand, is "Breeding for Success : Diversity in Action", and highlights the economic, sociological and environmental benefits of plant breeding in Australasia.

18 April 2006 - 21 April 2006

The 13th APBC will be the first occasion since 1986 that a major plant breeding conference has been held in New Zealand. The opportunity to bring together researchers from the array of disciplines involved in plant breeding of arable, horticultural, forestry and pastoral crops will provide a major boost to New Zealand and Australian primary industries.
The conference programme will be based on six core themes:
- Benefits from plant improvement ,- Genetic resources in a genomics era ,- Environmental challenges and opportunities ,- Plant gene technologies ,- Added value products ,- Parallel breeding of plants and associated organisms
Some of the key speakers include:
Prof Joe Bouton, Forage Improvement Division, Noble Foundation, USA - Paper title: "The economic benefits from forage improvement in the USA" ,Dr Tony Conner, Crop & Food Research, New Zealand - Paper title: "Intragenic vectors for gene transfer" ,Dr Swapan Datta, Plant Biotechnology, IRRI, Philippines - Paper title: "Golden Rice: Introgression, Breeding and Field Performance" ,Dr Syd Easton, AgResearch, New Zealand - Paper title: "Grasses and Neotyphodium endophytes: co-adaptation and adaptive breeding" ,Dr Steve Jefferies, Australian Grain Technologies, Australia - Paper title: "Breeding wheat varieties for markets within a changing paradigm for plant breeding in Australia" ,Prof Bob Kellison, Institute of Forest Biotechnology, USA - Paper title: "Development of high-value or added-value products in forestry" ,Prof Susan McCouch, "Molecular breeding in rice : making use of a sequenced genome" ,Dr Richard Richards, High Performance Crops for Australia, CSIRO Plant Industry - Paper title: "Understanding and exploiting genetic variation for stress responses in cereals for maintaining yield potential" ,Prof John Snape, Crop Genetics, John Innes Centre, UK - Paper title: "Understanding and exploiting genetic variation for stress responses in cereals for maintaining yield potential" ,Prof Steve Tanksley, Cornell University, USA - Paper title: "What is the real value of the natural diversity for quantitative traits found in our germplasm collections?" ,Prof Bruce Weir, North Carolina State University, USA - Paper title: "A bioinformatic perspective for gene discovery, germplasm development and conservation"
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