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Workshop organized under the Honorable Patronage of the Polish Ministry for Scientific Research and Information Technology

A workshop on the economic and technological dimensions of national innovation systems will be held at the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw, Poland, on 14 January 2005.

14 January 2005 - 14 January 2005

The event will be organised by the Warsaw School of Economics, World Economy Research Institute and the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg/ TUHH-Technologie GmbH (TuTech).
The links between economics and technology as they apply to innovation are very strong. It is a fact that innovation must not only make sense technologically, but should also be financially sound as well. Yet, there have been to date few opportunities to critically examine the relationship between economics, technology and innovation. This specialist workshop will address this perceived need, by looking at the links between economics, technology and innovation, providing examples of approaches and methods via which such links may be optimised. The event will also address the diversity of national innovation systems and policies in the European Union and examine the extent to which they may be an advantage or pose a barrier. Examples both new and old EU countries will be discussed and experiences gathered in the post-enlargement process will be considered.
- to discuss the influence of national innovation systems and policies in the European Research Area (ERA),- to analyse the links between economic factors, technological variables and innovation,- to promote the exchange of experiences on initiatives dealing with innovation at the local/regional level where economics and technology play a role,- to disseminate good practice on the integration of innovation and economic and technological elements
A book with a detailed presentation of the matters discussed by the speakers will be produced. It will both document the event and disseminate the experiences gathered as part of it.
Organising Committee,Prof. Walter Leal Filho, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg/ TUHH-Technologie GmbH (TuTech-Innovation) Hamburg (,Prof. Marzenna Anna Weresa, Warsaw School of Economics( ,Further information about the programme as well as registration details can be found at