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Seminar: Putting the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences on the Innovation-Enterprise Map

The focus of the seminar, taking place on 15-16 April 2005 at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, will be how to reinstate the importance of the Arts, Humanities and Social sciences with policy-makers, research funding, agencies and the public.

15 April 2005 - 16 April 2005

Research funding at the European level and in Member States are increasingly concentrated on the sciences and advanced technology. In many European countries, trends in student recruitment indicate a decline in the popularity of many traditional humanities and social sciences disciplines in favour of business studies and vocationally-oriented programmes. Some countries have seen programmes and even departements' close for want of funding and students.
The seminar will address the following issues in plenary sessions and workshops:
- What can advocates for the Arts, Humanities and Social sciences do to re-instate the importance of these subjects with policy-makers, research funding agencies and the public?,- Is there an Arts, Humanities and Social science equivalent to a "Technology Foresight" study? ,- To what extent should academic practioners review the curriculum and approach to pedagogy in these areas in relation to contemporary relevance?,- Is the curriculum and research to focused on individual specialisation? Should there be an additional or new focus placed on interdisciplinarity?,- Should the curriculum include business, enterprise or employment-related subjects to prepare students for life beyond the bounds of particular disciplines or professions?,- What can be done to make these disciplines more attractive to students?
It will also provide examples of successful innovations from different parts of Europe.
The organiser of the seminar is DEAN. ESMU, the European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities, is host for DEAN, Deans European Academic Network. ,For further information, please visit: ,Please address any enquiries to: ,e-mail: or ,call +32-(0)2 289 2461