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European Benchmarking Programme on University Management

The European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities (ESMU) invites institutions to apply for the 2005 edition of their Programme. The deadline for the applications is 31 March 2005.

1 May 2005

Benchmarking is a self-improvement tool for organisations. It allows them to identify comparative strengths and weaknesses, set targets for improvements, exchange good practices and find an achievable process for improvement.
The 2005 programme will benchmark four carefully selected processes:,- Internationalisation,- Strategic partnerships (University-Enterprise Cooperation),- Governance and structures,- New Masters and Doctorates
How will you benefit from this ESMU programme?,By joining a European-wide collaborative learning exercise, your university will have the opportunity to;,- Exchange ideas with experts in the field, especially during the annual Workshop,- Share experiences with European colleagues and peers,- Obtain information on good practices in other universities and their implementation,- Have access to data from previous programmes,- Shape future benchmarking exercises
The 2005 programme will start in early May 2005. For more information, including programme and registration information, please consult the ESMU website ( or contact Nadine Burquel, Secretary-General (Tel: ++ 32 2 289 24 60, email: