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FP6 project SENSATION: 1st European Workshop on "New Ways of Measuring Sleep"

SENSATION Consortium invites you to its 1st European Workshop on New Ways of Measuring Sleep involving three major research areas related to sleep; innovative technologies and sensors, health-oriented applications, safety in industrial applications.

11 March 2005 - 11 March 2005

The Workshop will take place on March 11, 2005 in Warsaw, Poland and is hosted by the Polish Academy of Sciences.
SENSATION is an FP6 Integrated Project co-funded by the European Commission under the 'micro and nano sensors' area of the Directorate-General 'Information Society' (DGINFSO), coordinated by the Hellenic Institute of Transport of the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas. The total project effort reaches the amount of 17 MEuro, of which 10 MEuro are funded by EU. SENSATION has been officially launched in January 2004 and has just completed the first year of its research life.
SENSATION aims to explore a wide range of micro and nano sensor technologies, targeting at unobtrusive, cost-effective, real-time monitoring, detection and prediction of human physiological state in relation to wakefulness, fatigue and stress, anytime, everywhere and for everybody. The focus of this work targets the enhancement of health, safety and quality of life, by reducing the number and scope of sleep-related accidents through the use of multi-sensorial medical and industrial applications.
Key speakers from European and International research areas will present the current research achievements and future trends on sleep monitoring, whereas a parallel exhibition of existing and new prototype sensors for human physiological state measurement will certainly draw your attention.
The admission to the SENSATION Event is free, whereas hosting expenses (coffees/lunches, etc.) are offered by the Consortium. If you wish to participate to this event, you're invited to register on-line at SENSATION web-site:
For more information on this event (agenda, etc.) and/or SENSATION project, please contact e-mail: or visit the project's web-site: