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An event organised in the framework of the European Project CRONET-DAYS and funded by DG Research (thematic priority Surface Transport) is taking place on 28 and 29 April 2005 in Nantes, France.

28 April 2005 - 29 April 2005

The objectives:
These days concern all European Research and Technology Organisations involved in the rail, automotive and maritime sectors, in order to
- facilitate projects between RTOs at European level (joint proposals to large European RD players, commercial agreements, ...)
- increase the integration of RTOs in European R&D networks of the 6th Framework Programme
- initiate technology transfers and synergies between European RTOs (cooperation agreements such as sharing and combining knowledge and know-how, joint investments in common technologies and services, ...)
- Two morning sessions of conferences and workshops to give a vision on Technology Platforms and large projects (Integrated Projects, Networks of Excellence) related to Surface Transport of 6th Framework Programme. They will provide information on short- and medium-term opportunities for RTOs with the participation of large European R&D players.
- Both afternoons will be devoted to one-to-one confidential meetings. Each participant will fill a profile form (activities, expectations) before the event. A schedule of one-to-one meetings will be established for each participant.
Place of the event: Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France
The program and registration form can be downloaded at the following links:
Contact Point: SIREHNA, email: ,Tel +33 2 51 86 02 86 ,Fax +33 2 40 74 17 36 ,Website: