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ALCUE-FOOD: kick off meeting in Buenos Aires

The kick off meeting of the Specific Support Action ALCUE-FOOD, supported by the Commission within the 6th Framework Programme for RTD under Food quality and safety priority, will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 22-24 February, 2005.

22 February 2005 - 24 February 2005

Further to the Rio summit, the bi-regional S&T dialogue between Latin American and Caribbean countries (LAC) and the EU's Member States, the so called ALCUE dialogue, has successfully highlighted opportunities in areas of cooperation and provided a concrete outline of issues to be addressed in the agrifood area. Based on the recommendations of this dialogue, the ALCUE-FOOD is focused on the implementation of a "networking platform" to promote and enhance S&T co operation in "Food Quality and Safety". The main goal is strengthening the EU-LAC R&D cooperation through the effective involvement of LAC partners in European consortium on Food Quality and Safety.
Considering the role of agriculture and agrifood in the Southern Cone Countries, the importance of agricultural products trade to EU, the presence of recognized research groups, the bilateral EU agreements in S&T, the networking platform will be implemented and focusing its activities in this region. Nevertheless, the dissemination of outputs will be addressed to all LAC countries.
The ALCUE-FOOD project proposes a "European fork to Latin American farm" approach, with the following specific objectives:,- develop and implement a comprehensive EU-LAC information system on FQS issues;,- define EU-LAC stakes on FQS and state priorities on elaboration of joint R&D projects;,- enhance the LAC capacity building through better use of the existing EU-LAC cooperation instruments;,- propose to EC and/or European consortia relevant LAC "groups of excellence" for further involvement in the new FP6 & 7 instruments.
Promoting in LAC countries a total food chain approach for EU exported products will subsequently contribute to improve the welfare of Latin American populations and must be considered as an important impact in terms of cooperation and mutual benefit.
The ALCUE-FOOD consortium is formed by five European institutions from France, Spain, Belgium and Portugal, which have been involved in the ALCUE process or bi-regional cooperation and seven organism from South Cone countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay), representative of academic sector, national agricultural research institute, technology transfer agency and society representative (Consumers, professional organizations). The project involves the highest number of participants - and countries from LAC - of all projects funded so far within the thematic priority "Food Quality and safety".
The implementation of the networking platform will necessarily promote a dialogue between and within the two regions, with implications for national and regional policies. It will contribute to strengthen the Food Quality and Safety priority and the internationalisation of the European Research Area.
An information session on the opportunities for participation of Latin America partners in research projects under Thematic Priority 5 (Food quality and safety) will take place on the 21st of February in Buenos Aires (Argentina).For further information please contact:<br>Ms Elena Sachez ,E-mail: