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Nano4Food Conference Brings Nanotechnology into the Food Chain

Leading food manufacturers from Altria (parent of Kraft Foods), Unilever, Nutralease and Friesland Foods will discuss at the Nano4Food Conference how nanotechnologies can offer improvements to food safety and processes.

20 June 2005 - 21 June 2005

Nano4Food ( taking place on 20-21 June 2005 in Wareningen, Netherlands, will provide the first opportunity for the food sectors key players, leading suppliers and research community to meet, network and discuss the entire value chain of nanotechnologys commercial development as it relates to the current and future needs and opportunities for nanotechnologies - within the food industry.
This is accomplished by a multidisciplinary integration of business know-how and technology represented by a world class programme which includes high-level speakers from science, government and industry:
Confirmed speakers include:
- Dr. Manuel Márquez-Sánchez - Group Leader - International Network of Emerging Science & Technologies Altria, US,- Dr. Stanley Brul - Senior Scientist - Dept. Microbiological Control Food Research Center Unilever, The Netherlands,- Dr. Tjeerd Jongsma Head Research Department - Friesland Foods, The Netherlands,- Prof. Nissim Garti, Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,- Dr. Hongda Chen - National Program Leader - Bioprocessing Engineering United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),- Dr. Frans Kampers Program Manager - Bio-NanoTechnology - Wageningen University, The Netherlands,- Dr. Qinrong Huang Assistant Professor Food Science - Rutgers University, US,- Henk Leeuwis Executive Vice President - Marketing & Sales - LioniX BV, The Netherlands,- Dr. Cees van Rijn Director - Aquamarijn Micro Filtration BV, The Netherlands
The Nano4Food conference is a cooperative effort between Cientifica and Wageningen University to address the most relevant issues that matter to the food industry regarding the application of nanotechnology.
Food manufacturers will discover the ways in which nanotechnologies can improve productivity within established processes, as well as identifying positive impacts on health and taste.
Companies and organizations working, researching and producing within the nanotechnology space will be able to find out first hand how the needs and commercial dynamics of the food industry can inform and drive the need for their products, both now and in the future.
For the Food Industry:,- Learn how nanotechnology can improve productivity and cost effectiveness on established food processes and help design new healthier and tastier products,- Understand the current and future concerns related to food safety and quality assurance
For the Technology/Research Community:,- Find out what the food industry's wish list is,- Evaluate the market potential of nanotechnology in the food industry in order to determine the most appropriate commercialization path
For Policy and Decision Makers:,- Understand how nanotechnology can help solve many of the food industry issues facing your region(s) ,- Acquire the knowledge necessary to direct both research spending and regulation
For more information about Nano4Food, please contact Remy Arroyo, +34 91 640 74 40, e-mail: