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1st Annual Obesity Europe Conference

The 1st Annual Obesity Europe Conference brings together some of the top experts and decision makers from Europe and beyond as well as high level industry representatives, to facilitate a rational debate on the subject and to aid in the development of a cross-sector strategy on food and nutritional labelling, and to tackle obesity on a national, European and global level.

14 June 2005 - 14 June 2005

It is reported that almost a third of all people living in Europe are overweight, and although awareness of the problem is rising, it is still the case that excluding Portugal, over 50% of people living within each EU member state are failing to meet at least 3 of the 4 diet and health targets set by the World Health Organisation. And it is not just adults that are affected - according to a study carried out in 2003 by the London-based International Obesity TaskForce, of the 77 million children living in the European Union, 14 million are overweight. This figure, given current trends, is set to rise sharply by 400,000 each year.
As well as the threat to the individual, these figures are placing an enormous strain on national health budgets, and it is easy to see why obesity is currently high on the political agenda in Europe. With the UK presidency of the EU beginning in July, and the issue of obesity appearing only second to climate change in the UK's list of priorities, the time for constructive and proactive cross-sector dialogue is here. Many organisations and experts are pushing for new legislation to be introduced to regulate the food and drink industry, whilst the industry is asking for a chance to prove that they can regulate themselves. But what really is the solution?
Day one will set the context for the debate and will identify the roles and responsibilities of the numerous stakeholders involved. It will look at the progress that has been achieved to date, and detail some of the work still to be done.
Day two focuses on specific and current issues, such as the proposed new legislation on food labelling and the advertising of junk food to children. One of the key questions the conference will address is - 'legislation or self-regulation?'. Attention will also be given specifically to the food and drink industry and look at developing a new business strategy to cope with the changing media and consumer climate relating to obesity.
The event, taking place in Brussels, Belgium, on 14 June 2005, will offer all delegates a forum for networking with industry peers, and is an opportunity not to be missed.
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