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1rst European Research & Innovation Exhibition

The European Research and Innovation Exhibition, taking place on 3-5 June in Paris, is the first of its kind in France and in Europe.

3 June 2005 - 5 June 2005

Research is the essential driving force behind the intellectual and economic development of a nation: not only does it create the discoveries and innovations which are the necessary conditions for the improvement of life on earth and for the welfare of our societies, but it also generates a lot of activities and employment opportunities.
Like the exhibitions organized by the American Association for Advancement of Sciences, the first objective of this exhibition is to present to the general public and the media the overwhelming productivity of the European and French research and innovation. The latest and most spectacular discoveries will be presented in our exhibition, during which many specific and visible events (round tables, colloquia, lectures) will take place. Our second goal is to bring together on the same location all those who are working in the research and innovation sector either belonging to the private sector, or to the public service as well as to the local and territorial communities. This event will provide them a unique opportunity to meet and discuss possible partnership together. While young European citizens are not attracted enough by scientific or technical careers, this exhibition aims to be an effective instrument to favor scientific and technical vocations among the young public.
Year after year this exhibition should become the event where all the professionals who work in the research and innovation sector in any branch, science, administration, law, trade and finance come to Paris to meet the general public and to be together, in order to show the importance of research and innovation, which deserve significant resources. To sum up, the European Research & Innovation Exhibition in Paris should play the same role for researchers and engineers as the "Salon de l'Agriculture for farmers.
The European commission has decided to support the Exhibition, a meeting place for everyone involved in this very broad field. ,Please find bellow Mr. Michel Claessens' speech at the Press Conference European Research & Innovation Exhibition on March 3rd 2005 in Brussels.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Journalists, colleagues, friends,
My colleague Catherine Audouze-Ouannès and I, on behalf of the Directorate-General for Research of the European Commission, are very pleased to be here and we would like to thank our hosts for their invitation particularly for two main reasons.
First of all the Salon Européen de la Recherche which is being prepared by Jean Audouze, François-Denis Poitrinal and their team is, according to our experience, a unique event in Europe.
Secondly, a successful partnership developed in the past year between the organisers and the European Commission. I can remember when I met Professor Audouze for the first time the title of the event was "Salon de la Recherche. It has now become "Salon Européen de la Recherche. I am pleased with this addition Européen' not for the word itself but because I fully subscribe to the event's objectives: we are sharing a common vision and we have converging objectives.
You may already know that the European Union (EU) is investing quite a substantial amount of money in research about 5 billion euros per year. The European Commission and the European leaders are also talking about doubling this budget from 2007 onwards. If this happens, the EU research budget would represent 10% of Europe's civilian research budget. (My former Commissioner, Mr Busquin, used to say: "Don't talk of research as an expense but as an investment in the future.)
We believe and I believe personally that this increased support in research must be accompanied by an increased effort in information and communication targeted, in particular, to the "larger public. There are many scientific events taking place in Europe every year. The,majority of them are academic conferences, small and often closed workshops whose titles would probably make you fall asleep...,Against this background, the Salon Européen de la Recherche is unique because it intends to mix two communities mostly working and even living apart scientists and lay people.
The European Commission is actively engaged in promoting a better dialogue between science and society. For example, we are organising a conference in November 2005 in Brussels on Communicating European Research' which will be aimed at scientists receiving EU funds. Not all of the events must be organised by and take place in Brussels. We are very pleased to catalyse initiatives surging in the Members States, especially when they are as is the case with this event organised in a very professional way.
I think the situation of science is quite serious in Europe. We received, only 2 days ago, the results of a public opinion survey conducted in 32 European countries in January 2005. We will disclose the full results and analyses at the Salon. The first results show that only 30% EU citizens are very interested in science and technology. The comparable figure for the US is 45% (2001). Furthermore, the overall interest in science has declined in the 15 old Member States (EU15) since 1992. The decline is rather substantial in countries like France (-7%), United Kingdom (-8%), Spain (-12%) and Italy (-27%).
We must pay attention to these evolutions as they may be the symptoms of a profound and raising distrust in the scientific fabric and in the high tech industry."
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