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Health Effects in Aircraft Cabin Environment

Results from recent studies on the impact of sound and vibration, climate and air quality, duration of flight on the work load of flight attendants and flight crew, and on psychological and physiological factors and on a human response model will be presented on 22-24 June 2005 in an international symposium in Oldenburg and Bremen, Germany.

22 June 2005 - 24 June 2005

The EU-project HEACE (health effects in aircraft cabin environment) has investigated the impact of various environmental factors on the work load and travel confort of flight attendants and flight crew. The research was performed by partners from Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, and UK, who are specialists in air quality, sound and vibration, environmental medicine, human factors and modelling. Results were obtained in simulator facilities and from real long-haul flights. A human response model was derived, which relates physiological, psychological parameters and the performance of the crew to environmental and intrinsic factors. The results of the project as well as keynote lectures on health issues, human factors, safety critical systems, cabin and cockpit requirements are presented on the symposium.
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