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RESPONSE project final conference

EABIS Consortium to Launch Ground Breaking Findings from World’s Largest Research Project on Corporate Responsibility and Strategic Stakeholder Management

New Insights and Learning on Corporate Practices & Societal Expectations and the Challenges & Implications for Managers

12 October 2007 - 12 October 2007

Date: Friday, 12 October 2007, 09:00- 17:30

Location: INSEAD Business School, Fontainebleau, France

Host and Organizer: The INSEAD Business in Society (IBIS) Centre

Event Background: The RESPONSE project is led by INSEAD in partnership with Copenhagen Business School, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Leon Kozminski Academy and Impact, and the active collaboration of the European Academy of Business in Society (EABIS). It has been supported financially by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Union (FP6).

Programme Information & Registration: Please see the conference programme and register online through the event website

Relevant Audience: Senior representatives from business, research, academia, policy-making and other stakeholder groups with a strong interest in corporate responsibility, corporate practice and strategic stakeholder management.

RESPONSE is the world’s largest research project on corporate responsibility and strategic stakeholder management and the EABIS network’s flagship research initiative, receiving funding from the EU Commission’s FP6 Programme and supported by EABIS’ corporate founding partners – IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Shell and Unilever.

Why Attend?
The RESPONSE Project findings and recommendations have a strong and resonant message to communicate to all interested parties.

The conference will offer participants, among other benefits:

• Genuine thought leadership from company CEOs, senior policy makers and civil society leaders

• In-depth dialogue on the implications of its findings for managers, stakeholders, policy makers and management educators

• Debate on the future knowledge and learning agendas for business around stakeholder management themes

• High level interaction and networking opportunities

Prominent speakers are expected to include:

• Mario Monti, former EU Commissioner, President of Bocconi University

• Jean Philippe Courtois, Chairman, Microsoft International

• Richard Evans, CEO, Alcan (tbc)

• Frank Brown, Dean, INSEAD

• Simon Zadek, CEO, AccountAbility

• Chris Marsden, Chair, Amnesty International Business Group

• Gilbert Lenssen, President, EABIS

• Peter Lacy, Executive Director, EABIS

• Senior representatives of the EU Commission

Since 2004, the RESPONSE Project has been the flagship research initiative within the EABIS knowledge development and learning portfolio – a unique attempt to study systematically corporate responsibility as both an organisational practice and an individual behaviour. It was the first and principal research effort who provided critical but constructive input to ensure a balance of academic rigour and managerial relevance.

RESPONSE has engaged 21 global companies and over 100 stakeholder organizations. Based on observations and data from 440 interviews and over 1,000 questionnaires, the research team has developed unique and novel insights on the factors distinguishing the leading innovators in corporate responsibility from other companies. In addition, the RESPONSE team conducted cutting-edge learning experiments to identify the most promising approaches to the problem of developing social consciousness in business managers.

The project sought to answer two crucial questions:

• What do managers consider to be their company's responsibility towards society and how that differs from what societal actors consider the company's responsibility to be?

• How do multi-national corporations attempt to respond to societal expectations and how effective is their response in enhancing the alignment between business and society?Registration for the event is now open online

For logistical details, please contact Catherine Billault at:

For additional information on the RESPONSE Project, please visit the official website at: or contact Professor Maurizio Zollo, Academic Director of RESPONSE at

Established in 2002 by leading companies and business schools in partnership with the EU Commission, EABIS is Europe’s leading reference point for corporate responsibility. The organisation aims to integrate corporate responsibility into the mainstream of business theory and practice in Europe. EABIS funds collaborative research, education and training projects and hosts numerous events and workshops across Europe to develop more and better knowledge and learning on corporate responsibility. It also leads the EU Commission funded ‘European Platform for Excellence on CSR’ (CSR Platform) project as the designated centre for excellence on CSR Research under the Sixth Framework Programme. With a European focus, but a global outlook, EABIS’ membership currently spans four continents and 19 countries and includes some of the world’s largest global corporations including Shell, Unilever, IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft and Europe’s top business schools such as Ashridge, INSEAD, IMD and the London Business School.


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