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21st Century approaches to toxicity testing, biomonitoring and risk assessment

A "call to action" for the scientific and public health communities to invest in and strive for a more reliable understanding of biomonitoring data, exposure, dose and risk from environmental stressors.

16-17 June 2008, Renaissance Hotel, Amsterdam

16 June 2008 - 17 June 2008

The emergence and rapid development of new tools for biomonitoring and toxicity testing can provide a significant opportunity to improve our ability to perform risk assessments. The International Council of Chemical Associations Long-range Research Initiative (ICCA LRI) is sponsoring a workshop to stimulate innovative approaches to risk assessment.

The event will focus on research, development and application of advanced methods, on communication of the data generated by these new tools, and on understanding the relevance of the data for human health.Registration and further information:


Biomonitoring, risk assessment