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Workshop on ‘Making Laboratories and Data Centres more Sustainable’

Are you concerned by the cost and environmental impacts of IT server rooms or laboratories?

5 March 2009 - 5 March 2009

IT rooms and laboratories are the most energy-intensive operations and an obvious place for savings. However, design and equipment choice often neglects measures for energy-efficiency. At the workshop on ‘Making Laboratories and Data Centres more Sustainable’ leading international experts will present practical and policy measures focussing on improved energy efficiency. Adherence to best practice can reduce fossil fuel consumption between two- and four-fold and halve the electricity bill.

The three main objectives of the workshop are:

1. to bring world leading expertise on designing energy efficient IT server rooms and laboratories to Luxembourg,

2. to connect these experts with local researchers, and practitioners in the building sector in Luxembourg,

3. to invite interested participants to join a proposal for an EU-funded network on sustainable laboratories.For more detailed information and registration, please follow this web link:


Energy Efficiency